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Working Well Podcast - 38 - Speaking Up In Meetings


Have you ever been in a meeting and felt anxious about speaking up and expressing your opinion? There are many reasons why this might happen, including imposter syndrome, where you just don't feel like you belong in a place because you think you don't deserve it. Sometimes introversion can also cause that feeling of dread. So how do you get the confidence to speak anyway? In the latest episode of Working Well, I interview Career Coach Charlotte Crabtree to find out!

Picking At Perfection: Being Intentional & Speaking Up

In today's episode I am joined by Charlotte Crabtree, Career success coach. I have learned so much from Charlie both in this episode and in the past. I used to report to her in the first company I worked for - it was crazy to catch up and see how far we have both come since. Charlie has excellent insight into social pressures, expectations within your career and speaking up in meetings with purpose. Both as event planners it was interesting to comment on the differences of meeting online and in person. We both acknowledge that to some degree we don't ever get full instructions with a job role or position and have to wing it to some degree. My favourite part was the discussion about speaking up in meetings and inspiring others - I so hope you enjoy it too!

Wellbeing & Career World: How To Thrive In Your Career


Wellbeing and Career World Podcast Host David chatted with a Career Coach who's focus is to help you build confidence, skills and strategies you need to enjoy a successful & Satisfying Career- Within your Current Role.  A very Warm Welcome to Charlotte Crabtree.


Charlotte chats about her background, explains what is Corporate Culture,  A Corporate Organization, If an individual needs to adapt their style and behavior to survive in the corporate environment, Is it necessary to love the organization you are with and tell the world how great it is to progress up the corporate ladder, is it best to have a certain reality of the job and to understand you get paid and expect nothing else in return, suggestions on how to leave a job on good terms if at all possible, Job hopping (is it good or bad).